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Outsource Vue.js Development To GoOnline

We leverage the full potential of Vue.js Development services to create the exceptional custom software.
The solutions we use have been proven on a wide range of successful products.
We master the current best technologies with an open eye for the future.

  • SPA
  • State Management
  • Server side
  • UI components
  • Data visualization
  • Testing
  • Documentation









Reasons to Choose
GoOnline for
Vue.js Development Services

    5.0 rating

    on clutch

    We pride ourselves by having a 5.0 rating on clutch. Our reviews come from clients around the world.

    5+ Years

    of Avg Experience

    Our .NET developers have an average experience of 5+ years. Each of our battle-tested developers knows its tools inside out which results in reliable code.

    14 Years

    on Market

    We have provided proven software solutions since 2008.

    High Security

    of Project & Data

    We guarantee that your project concept & data is secure and confidential.



    Our work metodology is designed to always deliver on time. We know that fast time to market can be very important part of your project.

    Newest Trends

    - always up to date

    We call our philosophy Continuum - we are always open to changes and we look for the newest solutions to make sure that our code is never outdated.

Augment your team or build
your product from scratch with us

Our Vue.js Services

Software Types

  • Web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • SPA (Single Page App)
  • SaaS
  • Cross-platform
  • SSG

Complexity Level

  • Large and complex
  • Business solutions
    with strict
  • Cross-platform
  • Data-intensive
  • MVPs
  • Libraries
  • Components

Groups of Users

  • Commercial
  • B2B
  • B2E
  • B2C
  • Custom enterprise

How we work

  • We Match Precise Solutions For Your Needs

    We use solutions that are battle-tested, well reviewed or made by us from scratch. This results in faster and more cost effective development process.

  • Our code is evergreen

    Using compilers directly makes us faster in updating software to the latest Vue.js version and all related technologies.

  • Our optimalization strategy is tailored for each individual application

    Thanks to that approach we are able to get the best performance.

  • We are not closed to any environment

    We are focused on mastering languages, solutions and design patterns instead of individual libraries.

  • We specialize in custom solutions

    That means no compromises when turning your unique ideas into software.

  • We love Vue.js

    With Vue.js, it’s easy to maintain scalable projects thanks to the components-based nature. That`s why a lot of us are very fluent in using Vue.js.

We Follow Best Coding Practices


  • Code Documentation

  • Data Security practices

  • Continuous code inspection

  • Code portability

  • Code split into short and focused units

  • Version control tools

  • Descriptive names for all variables and in-code comments

Application Testing

  • 1

    Unit Tests - part of our functional requirements specification.

  • 2

    We verify code behavior in response to the input of standard, boundary, and incorrect values.

  • 3

    Integration tests verify that the components work together in an appropriate manner.

  • 4

    Tests are rerun after each significant code change to guarantee proper performance.

  • 5

    Smoke tests guarantee that no critical errors occur.

Code review practices

  • Peer review
  • Code walkthrough
  • Ad hoc review
  • Code inspection
  • Code Static Analisis
  • Static Application Security
  • Testing

Code quality metrics

  • Maintinability Index (MI)
  • Class Coupling
  • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC)
  • Technical Debt
  • Depth of Inheritance
  • Code Coverage
  • Duplications
  • Code Smells and vulnerabilities
Startup, który zmienia branżę budowlaną w Omanie. Dzięki eBinaa możesz zlecić wykonanie domu bez stresu, straty czasu, a co najważniejsze w określonym budżecie. Jesteśmy dumni z bycia częścią projektu, który odgrywa tak istotną rolę w usprawnianiu tego państwa.
  • Zarządzanie
  • Finanse
  • Zdrowie
  • Podróże
  • Ecommerce
  • Media
  • Edukacja


  • 1

    Find a partner

    You are here

  • 2

    Consult your idea

    We are here to show you the possibilities in front of you.

  • 3

    Choose a technology

    It is time to decide on the technologies you want to base your project on.

  • 4

    UX/UI Design

    From lo-fi wireframes to a usable piece of art.

  • 5


    Here we change design prototypes into fully functional software.

  • 6

    Enter the market

    It’s time to conquer the market.

Outsource Vue.js Development to our Experts

Our high recruitment standards were created to select only the best in their fields. In GoOnline, team chemistry and motivation are equally important to technical skills advancement.

  • Maciej

    Senior Full-Stack Developer


    Maciej is responsible for team management, programming, and code quality control. He brings 6 years of experience in building complex custom software products. His love for learning new technologies and languages makes him always up to date.

    • JS
    • TS
    • React
    • MobX
    • +14
      Vue, NodeJS, Deno, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, C#, Rust, GoLang, Gin, PHP, Flutter, Laravel, Phalcon
  • Dawid

    Senior Front-End Developer


    Dawid brings 4 years in building responsive mobile and desktop user interfaces. Besides his programming role, he is also involved in strategizing design choices that can enhance the user experience.

    • JS
    • TS
    • React
    • Vue
  • Hubert

    Front-End Developer


    Hubert is a front-end developer with 2,5 years of experience. Because of his strong SEO principles knowledge, he takes part in the design processes. This way every website we create can be designed with consideration of search engine optimization.

    • JS
    • TS
    • React
    • Mobx
    • +8
      mobx-state-tree, Vue, NextJS, TRPC, GatsbyJs, Redux, Cypress, Styled Components
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