MVP process allows create basic version of your product with few most important features to capture the attenion and satisfy of customers needs. We will create a product with minimal functionality. You will get the project ready to launch in 2 months.

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Why outsourcing

Minimum Viable Product is based on the Lean Startup Methodology. Build the minimum amount of required features and acquire early adopter.

Development of MVPs follows a simple pattern build-measure-learn. It means building a product based on foundations:

Lean development
Working smarter, spending less, and discovering more
Validate learning
Collecting information about customers behaviour, determining how the customer`s experience has been affected, avoiding overhead, verifing the idea, and using the knowledge received as a basis for building fully functional product
Early launch
The most important point in MVP: launching early, launching simple, and testing thoroughly
Become a Winner
  • Reduce time-to-market with our fast & agile development process - in just 4-6 weeks
  • Start testing with end users functional version of your product with all core features ready
  • Decide on further improvement based on customer responses
Minimize a risk
  • Do you want to risk that your competitors develop your idea firstly?
  • Do you have a time for finding frelancer / in-house developers with high competencies?
  • Do you want to take a risk of losing money on building poor application?

Why outsourcing

A lot of startups are sceptical about outsourcing. Typically they are worried about time of delivery, cost, security reasons.
  1. Access to specialists - outsourcing helps reach out to real professionals who can do the work for you quickly and efficiently.
  2. Cost reduction - outsourcing your MVP can save you a lot of money, for the price of an in-house team, you can pay to outsource the entire feature-rich MVP.
  3. Technical consultation - you will get technical consultation from experts who can fully understand your vision.
  4. Faster turnaround - you will work with experts that have years of experience working in products similar to yours, moreover they willknow how to do it right way.
You can focus on your business processes (marketing, operations etc.) You dont need to worry about a team.
  1. Structured process - experienced team will structure the entire process, it allows having a smooth flow from starting project to the final delivery.
  2. Focus - you will have a team of developers that are fully focussed on your app.
  3. Easier Project Management - you will be given perfect project plan, delivery estimated cost and other aspects of your MVP development.
  4. Long-term partnership - you can continue workigng with expert team in the future on any new ideas.

Is an mvp for you?


Minimum viable product

Improve your product

Features that deliver value

Build, Measure, Learn. There are three phases of our principle base on Lean Startup Methodology.

Lets go through following detailed steps:
  1. planing the features of your minimum viable product
  2. writing them into a backlog
  3. review them on beginning of each sprint
  4. developing according to sprint phases
  5. testing a MVP inside every sprint
  6. deploying and showing an app to early adopters
  7. validating main hypothesis
  8. feedback is the fuel for the next iterations of your product

Are you ready to start with mvp?

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