Low Budget and High App Requirements – How to Build a Cheap MVP App?
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Low Budget and High App Requirements – How to Build a Cheap MVP App?

MVPs are becoming the new norm in app development these days. Companies in every field are opting for MVP application instead of going for a full-blown app that requires a fortune to develop. However, making an MVP app on a budget requires deep understanding of the process which we are sharing here.

What is Minimum Viable Product? MVP Meaning

A minimum viable product or MVP is a basic version of any product that contains all the essential features of a product. The purpose of such a product is to get to our customers in the shortest possible time and create a situation where our product can find its position in the market quickly.

The purpose of going to the market early is to get live feedback from customers and early adopters about the quality of service that we are providing. They also tell us what needs to be added and what needs to be removed to make the final product comprehensive in terms of functionality and customer satisfaction.

mvp meaning

How to Create a Cheap App – Where to Start?

Being an MVP does not automatically qualify a product as a cheap option at all. In fact, we could still be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in early development. However, this is not feasible for every business as, in some cases, we need to come up with a product without putting a fortune into it. Therefore, creating a “cheap MVP” would require a much more targeted and different approach.

The starting point for such a venture would always be forming a strategy with special emphasis on our budget. We want to develop a plan that turns our idea into an app without going overboard on the budget. A few key steps shared below can make that process quite manageable for us.

Define the purpose of your application

This is an extremely critical step in our development process as we want to spend our resources only on the things that carry the most value. We are looking for all the core solutions that our app is supposed to provide as those will eventually become the functionalities that we will be offering in our MVP.

We can do this either through internal brainstorming sessions or go to the market directly and conduct surveys to give us the information we need. The second option may cost more money, but it will provide us with direct information that we can use to shortlist all the core functions that we will be providing to our customers initially.

However, the reasons to be defined here should not be limited to the initial launch either. Our goal is to look at the long-term plans for the app and figure out what direction we will be heading in the future to build an app that is much more comprehensive and complete.

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Estimate your budget for building an app

There is no shame in accepting the fact that when we have a tight budget, every decision we make needs to be evaluated from that perspective. In fact, taking full control of this situation is beneficial for us as we will not overspend and come up with a creative solution to make our app provides all the necessary functions without costing too much.

While this approach may be a bit cutthroat, it forces us to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions that can lead to long-term cost savings when we develop the app from an MVP into a fully developed product.

Choose the right payment system

It is surprising that a payment system can make a huge difference in MVP app development. The wrong option could even bankrupt our company or at least push us into a horrible spot. To avoid that, we need to explore as many options as possible before making any decision about our payment system.

While it may feel enticing to use the best options in the market and provide your customers with maximum options, it is not always the best approach. This is especially true for developing a cheap app where every penny counts, and we cannot splurge on expensive payment solutions. We must find all the available options, and if we cannot find one that can meet our budget requirements, we simply start with a manual solution like spreadsheets, etc. Many successful companies used this approach and the cost they saved here played a key role in their success.

If we decide to work with a software house, it is worth considering the payment system at the beginning – Fixed Price or Time & Material.

High App Requirements Included – MVP Solutions

It is not unlikely that we are looking to create an app that requires a lot of features and functionality to appeal to potential customers and early adopters. Such a situation can create a dilemma when we are trying to create a cheap app and that is where we need to come up with an effective prioritizing solution. The target of MVP app development process should be to include all the necessary functions and start with the barebones solution. From that point onward, we can start adding key features in each area and find a balance that provides sufficient resources to each development side without compromising quality. This activity will result in an app that allows users to experience all the features and play with them to some extent while keeping advanced core features under limited access or simply invisible for the time being.

mvp solutions

How to build a professional Web app as MVP?

Web applications are one of the most sought-after solutions these days by businesses and as a developer, we can target that market heavily. Being on a budget shouldn’t stop us from creating a high-quality web app. The only thing we should be mindful of is the process we take as the right approach can make all the difference when we build a web app as an MVP.

We start the process by defining what kind of market we are targeting and what solution the web app will be providing. Spending a few extra hours or days on this step can make the rest of the process much easier. After we know the functions, we segregate them into essential and non-essential items and then start by working on the essential stuff. At this point we must also come up with a list of criteria that would define if our MVP was a success or not. This can lead to further improvements as well when we get the initial feedback.

The only thing where cost-cutting should not be an option is the people who are working on the MVP. We could spend a few extra bucks on an expert who could develop an efficient application and find us ways to save money that we did not know of.

How to build a professional mobile – Android or iOS app? MVP 

The basic process to build an app for mobile is not much different from when we build a web app. However, the scope is much wider, and you could also be creating something that users do not even realize they need. The market research, in this case, would need to be much stronger to target the potential customers effectively. We will also need to perform more rigorous testing and keep aside a budget for publishing when we build an iOS app.

How to choose a unique design for an MVP app?

When we build MVP app, the primary focus in design should be to make the app user-friendly. We do not need flashy designs that consume resources or spend too much time and effort on creating something unique. The best approach is to go for a minimalist design as they are easier to work with and can be manipulated to our specific needs much more easily. They are also trending these days, so public acceptance would also be higher.

What is the Price of the MVP Application?

The app price of an MVP application is highly dependent on its complexity and features. Market type, target market size, demand, marketing, and many other factors come into play when determining the cost to build MVP app. The most basic apps with minimum features and very little functionality would still cost $500-$1000. The upper end for app price is not calculatable, but it could easily go beyond $1 million.

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How Do I Find the Right Software House to Build a Cheap MVP?

While we may be thinking that opting for the cheapest software house will be the best deal for us, that is far from the truth. The cheapest options usually provide poor code with almost no optimization and that can be a big headache. The biggest factor to consider is experience building MVPs as that tells if a company can handle that kind of pressure and still deliver quality. We also consider the experience of actual individuals who will be working on our application. Last but certainly not least, the tools they will use will also give us a fair idea of what level of efficiency and quality we will get from them. Check what MVP products prepared by our software house look like and decide.

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