How to Build a Web App Adapted to Modern Needs?
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How to Build a Web App Adapted to Modern Needs?

Web application development has evolved in recent years, owing in part to recent trends. Formerly valid development principles no longer apply, and new ones have emerged. In this article, we will take a closer look at the concepts that modern web designers must adhere to in order to create successful modern web applications.

Web App Definition – What is the Web Application?

So, what is a web app? Web application is a term used to describe software stored on a central server and disseminated across the Internet via a browser. By definition, web services fall under web based applications, but not all websites feature web applications.

Web apps can be developed to fit a wide range of uses. Both businesses and individuals can use them for different purposes. Online calculators, webmail, and e-commerce stores are great examples of web apps. Certain web apps can only be viewed with a specific browser, but the vast majority are accessible via all browsers.

web app definition

What is a modern web app development?

The phrase “modern web apps” encompasses a wide range of applications. However, they all have one thing in common: one or more modern web app development features, such as single-page applications, microservices architecture, cloud-based computing, and others.

User expectations and demand for modern web applications are higher than ever before. Web apps today must be accessible at any time from anywhere in the world and function on nearly any device and screen size.

To address future demand spikes, modern web application development should be secure, responsive, and scalable.

Web application vs website – choose a future

When businesses seek to establish a web presence, the most typical question is, “web application or website?” Many businesses believe that anything typed into the address bar of a search engine will take them to the intended website. But the URL address to which you are directed may not necessarily be a website. Both terminologies appear similar to the user because their ideas overlap. To distinguish between a website and a web app, you need to first understand each concept.

A website is a collection of web pages and related material identified by a common domain name and hosted on a minimum of one web server.

On the other hand, a web app is a software program that is run on a web server, unlike a computer-based software that is stored locally on any device’s Operating System (OS). An end-user retrieves web apps using a browser and an internet connection.

Whether you choose a web app or a website, your user will not be affected in any way, but it may lead to significant implications for your organization. Before deciding on web application vs website, you must first understand what will benefit your company’s growth and scalability. If you currently only have a retail store, you need to develop a website. If you already own one, consult a trusted web app development company to convert the website into a web application or establish a web app concurrently if it fits your business needs.

build web application

How to Build a Web App?

The steps involved in building a web app can be categorized into 4 stages; ideation stage, design stage, development stage and launch stage.

In the ideation stage, which is the first stage, you need to source an idea that solves a problem. Next, perform market research to identify if similar products exist and if the market exists. Finally, you need to define functionality to clearly picture what you want your app to achieve.

You can now move on to the design stage, which starts with sketching the web application. Make sure to factor in buttons, forms, branding, navigation, and other interactive elements. Next, plan the workflow. A great tip is to sign up for your competitor’s free trials and identify what works and what doesn’t. Now you can begin prototyping your web app using tools such as InVision Studio, Figma, and Sketch to have. Now that you’ve got a beautiful prototype, seek validation or constructive feedback from representative users.

For the development stage, start by building your database. To do this, determine what data needs to be stored and what users need to do. Next, establish the frontend followed by the backend.

Now, for the launch stage, host the web app on a server and finally deploy it.

What Technology for Your Modern Web App?

You’ve heard the phrase “web development technology,” but have you ever considered what it actually means? Because computers cannot speak with one another in the same manner humans do, they must rely on codes. Web technologies are multimedia packages and markup languages that computers use to communicate with one another. You need these technologies to build a web app

These technologies include:

  • Browsers
  • CSS & HTML
  • Web development frameworks
  • Programming languages (CoffeScript, JavaScript, Python, Ruby)
  • Protocols (HTTP, DDP, REST)
  • Application programming interface (API)
  • Data formats (JSON, XML, CSV)
  • Client-side
  • Server-side
modern app technology

Create your web app wisely – web application examples 

Businesses are increasingly adopting web apps all over the world. Some great examples of web applications include:

  • Pinterest
  • Starbucks
  • Spotify
  • Yummly
  • Uber
  • Soundslice
  • Debenhams

What is the Price of a Modern App?

If you’ve already looked into app development, the main question you’re looking for an answer to is probably ” what is the price of a modern app?” 

To begin with, the cost of developing an app is difficult to estimate, with estimates ranging from $15,000 to $300,000 or more for a single platform. You should note that the minimal budget for developing an app is roughly $10,000 for a very simple project. In most instances, this price will amount to $60,000 on average for the first, rudimentary app version.

modern app price

How to make a web app cheaper?

It’s no secret that creating a web app can be extremely costly. But, when you consider what it may accomplish for your organization, it’s difficult to dismiss the thought of creating your own web app. The question is, how to make a web app cheaper?

Even if your concept is huge and intricate, you can get your hands on a web app without adequate funds. The solution (which thousands of organizations have begun to embrace) is to use custom web app builders.

How to Choose Software House?

Sourcing a software house for your new project is a critical and time-consuming decision. You must have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Define and document your concepts, needs, and project scope. Prepare documents and specify your budget. If you would like to know an example of an offer, you can use our website.

Once you have all the information, use it to find the software house that best suits the needs of your project.

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