How to Write a Brief for Software House? A Guide to a Good Brief
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How to Write a Brief for Software House? A Guide to a Good Brief

The world is digitalizing at an ever-faster rate. We are at that point where we have software for almost anything and everything! But, how do you write software? Well, first, you need to write a Software House Brief. It functions the same as a Product Brief or a Construction Brief. The Software Brief is the first step in the right direction to making software. To learn more, read on!

software brief

What is a Brief for a Software House?

Well, for starters, a software house is a company that deals in the making of software. The genres of the software made are not specific. They can either be for businesses and corporations or can be as a service to someone. A Software Brief is a summarized document formed by the project manager that contains all the necessary information about the software project. These include goals, scope, team, budget, estimated required timings, etc. The customer uses a Software Brief Template as a layout to make the Software House Brief. The Brief is the most crucial part of software-making as it outlines every detail of it. It helps the team to stay on the same page and avoids confusion. And it ensures the fulfillment of the needs of the project.

Writing a project brief – where to start?

A project brief (a.k.a, a product brief) is the same thing, i.e., a detailed document about the project. Note that writing a product brief is tricky considering it should include all the project details yet still be a summary. To start writing a project brief, you must know what it is and what makes it unique. Find out more about preparing your products for modernity. A project plan is a lengthy analysis of the project, while the project brief is its summary. In case the abstract is for high-level executives, you would make an executive summary. For the team, you form a project brief. And lastly, in comparison to a creative brief, a project brief is generally shorter and contains key elements of the project. We write creative briefs for creative projects. The purpose of a project brief is to ensure the whole team is on track and that the project’s completion occurs in due time.

How to Make a Project Brief for a Software House?

Ah yes, the most awaited question: “how to make a project brief?” The project brief for a software house must include several important details. These include explaining the purpose of your project, information relating to the project, budget, deadline, success criteria, etc. And, of course, you can’t make the software brief without the Software Brief template. If you think this is tricky, fear not. Relax. And calmly read on, for we’ve covered everything for you!

Set the purpose of your brief

The purpose is one of the crucial parts of the product brief. It defines what the project is about in as few words as possible. And it is a great place to start the project brief as it answers some of the questions that might run through the team or stakeholder’s mind. The purpose is where you write your project’s objectives. Ensure that they are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Related. You’d be doing yourselves a favor if you operate SMART. The project objectives act as a guide as they remind the workers of their end goals regarding the project.

how to make a project brief

Explore the brief construction

Since you’ve written your purpose, it’s time to move on to construct the rest of the project brief. Now, you can include whatever you want in the project brief (don’t confuse a “construction brief” with “the briefs construction!” They’re not the same!). The more details there are, the less confusion the development team will have. But do note that it should only be relevant and short to keep it as professional as possible. Also, note that this is a summary, so it should better feel like one. While writing the Brief, make sure your tone should direct towards you but rather the target audience.

Make a brief project plan

A Project Plan is a detailed document containing data of a project. A Brief Project Plan is what its name suggests – a brief version of the project plan. When writing, include expected results, goals required, and a proper schedule. Project requirements and management plans. And add ways to ensure success as well. Note that the Brief must contain concise phrases with simple words. Such an approach ensures little to no confusion among the development team. And it allows everyone to be on the same page, to fulfill the project with utmost perfection.

Create a one-page project brief

The one-page part shows the summarized nature of a project brief. Where a project plan can exceed the limits of 100 pages, the project page is generally a page long. Although this may seem impossible, it’s not. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep only the most crucial details in your project brief. To ensure it remains a one-page project brief, include the following:

  1. Project’s objectives: What does the project like to achieve.
  2. The schedule: How long should certain parts of the project take for completion.
  3. The deadline: It is the project’s submission date.
  4. Scope: The materials needed for the project’s successful completion.
  5. Budget: The total amount of money spent on the project.
  6. The targeted audience – How will the project affect the audience for whom the project started.
  7. If something is unclear to you – let us know!
web app mobile app brief

Software Development Brief Template – Web App & Mobile App Brief

As mentioned earlier, Software Development requires a Brief for its initiation. And for this, you’d use a Software Development Brief template. You can find many free templates online, just one click away!

When you’re talking about application software, there are different development methods for both; web and mobile apps. And thus, there are separate briefs for the two. You have a web app brief and a mobile app brief. Although these two are different, their writing style has much in common than you think. Web app briefs and mobile app briefs have the same format, with objectives, overviews, targets, budget, etc. However, their content isn’t always the same (obviously!). To get going with software application development, start by making an app brief using an App Brief template.

How to Write a Brief for an App Developer? Brief Example

App developers make apps using App Brief Templates. But, how do you write a brief for an app developer? Let’s use a Brief example.

Suppose you’re a businessman, spending daily on materials and other equipment. You need an app that can record your daily transactions, which are easily accessible anytime. And you want to make this app public for everyone’s ease. The development brief you’re going to make will look as follows:

project example
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